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October 20, 2013



Yes, you would definitely have won. Thank you so much for sharing Sarah's life on your blog -- a life obviously lived so well. I'm so sorry that you/we "can't have Sarah back."


Oh Paula, that was a beautiful testimony to such a wonderful friendship and to such a special person. Because of you and Tom I was lucky enough to become friends with Sarah. I will cherish our discussions about neti pots. And brain eating amoebas:-) She truly lit up the room with her smile and her kindness. My love to you and Tom and to Jay.


Paula, I am one of the cousins on the Doerries side. Thank you for setting a "window" into the life of my dear cousin. I can tell by your words that you and Sarah were great friends. It is neat to see that. Thank you, again. May you find peace.


Thank you so very much. Sally and I knew each other from way back in Dallas. She was truly one of the most wonderful people.

Sarah Thibodeaux

Thank you, Paula. I think you got her just right. Fond regards to you and Tom, Sarah Thibodeaux

Pat Cleeland

Thank you so much for your story about Sally. She spoke of you often and sent us your books for Christmas and birthdays. In fact, I was looking through my pictures on my phone and saw I had the cover of Unbroken in one picture and the next is the acknowledgments page with Sally and Jay mentioned. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to her. Love, pat

Henry Griffin

That was really beautiful to read. Thank you.

marianne franklin

Thank you for writing this. It is perfect. I hope you don't mind that I shared it. This has really helped me, a lot, and I hoped it would help others, too. Sally and Jay got married at our house in Pensacola. I'm sorry I missed meeting y'all there.

Susan Revere

Oh, this is just lovely to hear about Sarah - thank you so much for sharing...

Chris Cleeland

My God this is beautiful. I don't think I can write anything else without sounding trite. I miss my sister[-in-law].

Sarah Thibodeaux

hi paula, i was inspired by your remembrance to write up some of my memories of Sarah Sally: https://www.facebook.com/notes/sarah-thibodeaux/sarah-sally-and-me/10150481401409953
xo sarah thibodeaux

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