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July 10, 2012


Barry Ahearn

Paula, if you could arrange to have some to that rain sent to the U.S. it would be appreciated.


Hello Paula, I'm visiting your blog from Germany, because I am reading your "Rangatira"-novel. As you mentioned, Hamburg is an amazing city. But are you certain to visit it in winter? OK you like to go to the "Wehinachtsmarkt" but I fear the weather condictions could be as bad as Paratene described Birmingham ... But if you are going to visit Hamburg and love to eat italian food, then I recommend a small restaurant near the famous "Landungsbrücken":The "Pastalozzi" (http://www.pastalozzi-hamburg.de/index.htm). Kind regards, Christoph


Oh, oh. I should have been reading more careful. Your are living in Scotland by now ... Well than the weatherconditions in midwinter-Hamburg are familiar to you. Forget about it, but perhaps you like the Italian restaurant ... Regards Christoph

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