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November 06, 2011


Vanda Symon

Congratulations on the launch of Rangatira! It looks like a fine night had by all. My copy is perched on my bedside table, next to be read...

Barry Ahearn

Here's hoping that Rangatira will one day escape from the Antipodes and make its way to Europe and North America.

Michael Purdie

Congratulations on the launch of Rangatira. I've just started to read it. It's fantastic! Thank you Paula!

Stuart Park

Paula, I am greatly enjoying Rangatira - well done indeed! I work for NZ Historic Places Trust in Northland, and have come across Miss Weale's work and gifts in several northern churches. I'd love to talk with you about her - can you email me?

Stuart Park


I am pleased for you that your family were able to make to the launch of your latest book, Rangatira. I bought the book yesterday.

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