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September 02, 2011


Maggie Rainey-Smith  a curioushalfhour.wordpresss.com

No questions - just thank you - this was so much more interesting to read than something breezily prolific and chipper.


Hey! I must be blind not to find your email anywhere, especially when you in the post above tell people to email bad news ASAP. I don't, however, plan on sending any bad news, just an inquiry that I hope will be an easy and positive one.

If you have a minute to email me your email address, I'd appreciate it tons. Thank you!


You can send me a message via my web site: www.paula-morris.com

Rachael King

I bought Dark Souls! There, is that bad new, or good?

Tessa Needham

I am an avid reader of all your work, both fiction and non-fiction. I think you are a "hugely important" (probably bad grammar but who cares) writer - as a New Zealander, a woman, a Maori, and a citizen of the world. The publishing world is a fickle place, don't be disillusioned - we need your writing! I have relished studying your fiction at Uni and later selling and promoting your work in bookshops and libraries where I've worked. I can't wait to read "Rangatira" and thorougly enjoyed "Dark Souls". You are amazingly prolific and an inspiring woman writer -keep up the hard work! It is appreciated by many of us. Cheers, a fellow westie and fan from NZ.


Do you have any plans for a novel set in rural New England...maybe in Connecticut?

Maggie Rainey-Smith  a curioushalfhour.wordpresss.com

In case my first comment sounded unkind, I didn't mean it was good to hear your bad news, but that it is interesting to hear of the challenges that high profile and successful writers like yourself, still have to negotiate and work through... even if at times it all looks prolific and chipper.

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