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November 15, 2010


Vanda Symon

Ah, sounds like a brilliant night. We watched it from the comfort of the sofa on the other side of the world.

Loved the YouTube clips!

Bookman Beattie

Thanks for this wonderful report and great photos.
I thought I was your boyfriend though, I see I have been usurpoed by Richie McCaw! Oh well....

The game started at 6.20am Sunday NZ time, quite a civilsied hour so I got out of bed and watched what was largely an entertaining match.

Warm greetings from Auckland,
Nga mihi,


I really want to see T. Middy in the ginger wig and tartan cap. Post pics, please.

Also: Castle Hill looks awfully green for this time of year.


That sounds really fun. Do they make zubaz pants for rugby fans?

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