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November 09, 2010



Paula. With great difficulty I found exactly one copy of your novel Ruined in Malaysia. But I couldn't even order Trendy but Casual as the bookshop wouldn't let me.

Paula Morris

Hi Jenn - I suspect this is because the books are not officially published there. If you don't mind buying online, most bookshops in New Zealand can send TBC to you - they can order it if one isn't in stock. Let me know if you have any problems with this, and I'll talk to Penguin.


Well, it seems to me that you truly remain trendy but casual :-)


Rachael King

If you want a fantastic and reasonable website designer/builder, who made mine (voted one of 8 great author websites along with Isabelle Allende, Peter Carey and Dan Brown!), let me know and I'll pass you their details. :-)

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