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October 26, 2010



Hope you're enjoying your new home Paula, and the new job is going well. New Orleans is a fascinating city (as you well know), but I've heard terrific things about Glasgow from friends (Kiwis and Scots) who've lived there.

Looking forward to reading more about what's going on for your guys.

Tania Roxborogh

Yay - you're back. So funny. I love your posts. Jealous much that you are where you hard. Writing the third book set in Scotland but I've not been there yet - waahh

Vanda Symon

Great to hear from you again! Happy settling in...


What do you mean one loyal reader? You have at least two.


Loved your Stirling interview! Looking forward to reading about the haunted world of (old) York! (And I think that "Glasglo" would be a GREAT title for a novel or memoir of your time there!)

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