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July 19, 2010


Bookman Beattie

Good luck with the big move Paula. Very exciting.


Just watched the mardi gras episode of Treme and this reminds me of Janette singing 'Iko Iko' to her car parked on the sidewalk - so sad that the Chief was in jail and missed mardi gras - I worried about him the whole episode. Och aye, Scotland, ya ken.

Stephanie T

Hello. I've just read 'Queen of Beauty' and really enjoyed it, thanks so much! I loved the vivid depiction of New Orleans, reading about the history of my adopted home town, Auckland; and reading about family dynamics, both personal and universal. I'm very much looking forward to exploring more of your writing (Queen of Beauty was the first for me) and am excited to think what a move to Scotland will bring, literary-wise! All the very best to you.

Robby P

Dear Ms. Morris,

Obviously you do not appreciate the delicacy with which a tractor-trailer needs to be maneuvered into one's driveway. Sometimes even 15 feet is not enough,

-Your neighbor on Walnut Street

P.S. Enjoy Scotland!

Sue Jackson

Well, I just popped over here to let you know I've written a review of your book, Ruined, but I ended up getting completely caught up in your blog! So sad to learn you are leaving New Orleans (I suppose by now you are gone) - I also lived there for a while in the 80's and still miss it very much.

Anyway, I suppose you want to hear about the review.

I enjoyed Ruined very much, especially its setting so vividly and accurately presented. I posted a review on my blog, Great Books for Kids and Teens. Here's the link:


Hope your move is going well and you enjoy your time in Glasgow!

Sue Jackson

Gerry Loose

Welcome to Glasgow - when you arrive. I'm in Finland just now but live near Glasgow. I'm sure we'll meet - it's a small place.
I find a key does service in bottle-opening emergencies if used carefully
best wishes

Gerry Loose

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