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June 16, 2010



Have you been watching 'Treme'? We have, and we're loving it.

Paula Morris

Yes, all of New Orleans is watching TREME! Last semester I got the opportunity to co-teach a screenwriting class at Tulane with Eric Overmyer,the co-creator of TREME. Learned so much from him, and was able to take the students along to filming one day, down in the Quarter, and to talk to him a few weeks later in class about where the edited scene deviated from the script and why.


Lucky you, what an amazing opportunity - the music is so cool - were hooked, well and truly, although of course the politics and poverty are grim but the characters are so redemptive in a way as a result not to mention the dark and poignant humour. (Kiwi spelling of humor).


I love TREME! I so want to travel to NOLA soon. Well maybe after evil BP is done killing the Gulf.. gurrrr
In Maryland it is illegal to leave a dog in the car when it is hot. The police have the right to break the windows and confiscate the dog!

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