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August 20, 2009



7am and sticky here on the 20th of August. My sweaty fingers are making the keyboard damp.

Before your post, I was just thinking about how in just six weeks or so, we will start to see occasional beautiful weather days - if we survive our tropical environment until then. And we get to enjoy beautiful weather days well into March. We might even have a few tolerable days in April.

Don't you just hate it when it's sometimes warm and very muggy between Christmas and New Years? How many times have we not been able to see New Years fireworks shows because it was too foggy?


We are in August and are still waiting for summer to show up. 60s and 70s and cool and wet since May, and hardly enough decent weather to take Libby to the park, and now winter is going to be breathing its ugly white head down our necks.

Tell T. Middy to remember that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior patterns over and over but expecting a different outcome...


Beautiful post. Please tell your husband there are many New Orleanians living in all those outposts that are still very connected to the city. It may mean listening to those 'strange areas" weather reports but I can tell you from personal experience there are New Orleanians in those areas listening. It might mean more to him thinking of it in that way.

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