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August 03, 2009


Vanda Symon

Great cover, and I loved the trailers you had in the earlier post - very cool.

Is it going to be released in NZ or do we have to do some Amazon shopping?

Paula Morris

It's up to Scholastic NZ: they can publish it if they want.

Rachael King

Aim for top 10K, definitely.

I am going to order my copy now! Great exchange rate, no excuse.


I'm ordering mine from the local independent, but I think you can easily get top 5,000.

Bookman Beattie

Great cover, congratualtions.


Finished it this afternoon - EXCELLENT - such a perfectly classical ghost story, but still so fresh. Neglected my own revisions to soak up your words!


Will there be a sequel for Rebecca?

Tracy Trebendis

Started this book this morning and couldn't put it down until I finished it. The story was mesmerizing - especially loved the descriptions of New Orleans and the history of the Garden District families. Haunting and beautiful story.


Hi there, I work for Manukau Libraries in NZ. One of our teen librarians recommended your novel Ruined because she knew I'd spent two weeks wandering around New Orleans in Feb 2009. Read it from start to finish without putting it down, got chills up and down my spine throughout and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so I've reviewed it for our website. Will you be writing more teen novels? And would you be averse to answering 5-10 questions about your novel for our website?

Paula Morris

Of course - very happy to answer questions for Manukau Libraries! You can email me at [email protected]


Augh, I loved it. That's all I can say. Best book I've read since When You Reach Me. I would LOVE to say that it should be a series, but I won't. It's perfect just like this. The cover is also very alluring. I would just HOPE to incorporate it into a little project I'm working on, but it wouldn't do this surreal yet fascinating and adventurous book of your's justice.

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