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April 14, 2009



I'd definitely read a travelogue about Michigan's Upper Penisula and the really cool, funny people that live there.

Vanda Symon

Ah, Paula, it's great to hear from you, no matter how infrequent.

I saw the book of essays on Beattie's Book Blog this morning. It looks to be an interesting read.

Is Ruined going to be released in NZ?

You could write a travel book on how to survive the airports of the world.

Paula Morris

Scholastic has worldwide rights for "Ruined", so hopefully it will be published in NZ at some point.

My travel book would be called Welcome Home and it would be a catalogue of slights, resentments, and complaints. Compelling reading! A chapter on the UP of Michigan would be crucial, of course.


Notice Brando said "Penisula," not "Peninsula." Freudian slip, indeed!


I came upon your blog by googling "in vacant or in pensive mood" because I'm nearly always vacant or pensive, and loved what what I read so much that I went ahead and read all your recent articles (as listed in the sidebar, although the James Meek one is no longer available) and now feel like buying all your books. So if you started this blog for self promotion, alls I can say is well done. (feel free to trim my adverbs)

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