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November 10, 2008



Sweet! Can I tell people I know you? Will you blurb my next book?

My cousin Sherri is arriving in NZ this week from Niagara Falls. If you meet a short, round, garrulous fiftyish Canadian, tell her I said hello. In truth I'm quite envious of her.

Graham Beattie

Great stuff Paula.I think Valentines does some sort of deal for birthday people. I put them in the same sort of league as Denny's! You gave me a great chuckle.
Welcome back. Gosh you must feel really at home on those Air NZ planes by now. Air NZ's turnover will be down next year when you are no longer flitting back and forth across the Pacific every few weeks.Ciao.


Congrats on climbing the charts! I feel slightly less jealous of T.Middy's impending trip to NZ knowing that it is a country that has Denny's. So thank you for that.


That's fantastic about Forbidden Cities! Don't forget us little people. I just received my copy, btw. 'Like a Mexican' knocked me out. You have such a deadpan style, it's brutal, en muy brilliante!

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