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July 31, 2008


Rachael King

Sorry to be a voyeur, not being a family member, but I am disturbed/amused/shocked at how similar the girls dresses are to the one I wore to my 5th form ball in 1985! The following year I abandoned all things '80s and started wearing vintage/'60s secondhand from the local St Vincent de Paul.

Just goes to show you can turn your back on '80s style but it will still come back to haunt a new generation.

Rachael King

i haveto add that I don't so much mean your gorgeous niece's dress - she looks very classic-Hollywood-glamour - I'm more referring to the strapless-taffeta-with-lace-overlay look.


Apparently, several of the girl had bought vintage dresses - including the taffeta/lace number. These dresses are from the 80s: that's vintage these days!

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