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June 04, 2008



Did they hand you a Krispy Kreme and a .38 pistol after you passed?

Congratulations on passing. Now you truly breathe the sweet air of freedom.


There were no freedom-related questions, luckily for me.

Also, when looking through my supplementary documents, I discovered that New Zealand was spelled incorrectly numerous times on our marriage certificate. Does this mean I'm FREE?


Congratulations! I don't like group activities either. Does that mean I have to emigrate now?

Patrick Cartwright

Congratulations. I am just glad you didn't launch into a tirade against smoking Floridians, because as we all know, they determine the Pres.idential election in this country.
Did the officia.ls know about your questionable activities in H.eslington?
Welcome aboard!


Patrick! E-mail me so we can talk.

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