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November 27, 2007



Noooo! Not Goldie!

Tell T. Middy Happy Birthday from the frozen tundra up Nawth.


Goldie, we hardly knew ye!

You really captured the wretched malaise of much of fly-over America in this post. Photos of the Super 8, I mean come on! That killed me.


I feel sad about Goldie, especially the ignominious carting-off. Our last glimpse of it was when the truck pulled into the dealership, and by then we'd already transferred our affections (and cash).

Grendel: looking at the pictures again, I realized how much the Super 8 resembles a low-security detention facility. I wish I could have taken pictures of the breakfast "buffet", which featured generic brand sugar-frosted cereal, one (1) sweet bagel, and orange juice that was essentially orange-scented water. This is why we ended up at the McDonald's in Grenada, trying to ignore its "segregation stronghold" past and reveling in its hot-breakfast-biscuit present.


I will pour out a little of my 40 in honor of Goldie.

A happy belated birthday to TMiddy. It's a little known secret that Cracker Barrel keeps you feeling young!

Congrats on the new car. Fahrfignugen!

Jonathan Kim

I hope you had a good time in St. Louis. Personally, I like the drive up and down the river, especially with a CCR album playing. As for me, I am staying in Chile for another semester, so we'll see how that goes. Hope the semester isnt too crazy and take care.

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