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July 10, 2012


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Barry Ahearn

Paula, if you could arrange to have some to that rain sent to the U.S. it would be appreciated.


Hello Paula, I'm visiting your blog from Germany, because I am reading your "Rangatira"-novel. As you mentioned, Hamburg is an amazing city. But are you certain to visit it in winter? OK you like to go to the "Wehinachtsmarkt" but I fear the weather condictions could be as bad as Paratene described Birmingham ... But if you are going to visit Hamburg and love to eat italian food, then I recommend a small restaurant near the famous "Landungsbrücken":The "Pastalozzi" (http://www.pastalozzi-hamburg.de/index.htm). Kind regards, Christoph


Oh, oh. I should have been reading more careful. Your are living in Scotland by now ... Well than the weatherconditions in midwinter-Hamburg are familiar to you. Forget about it, but perhaps you like the Italian restaurant ... Regards Christoph

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