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January 09, 2008



TM certainly understands a) the power of the Oprah brand and b) the psychological profile of his (current) spouse.


I've taken time off from reading or writing on blogs, but posts like this remind me all over again why I love the Internets. I sprained my ankle the other day and I, too, have sought out the antiswelling properties of frozen vegetables. Mine happens to be mixed veggies and a separate, but attached, pouch full of frozen curry sauce. We were planning to eat it once I got well, but now that we watch it thaw on my foot every night...


I've never considered frozen curry sauce: that is a top tip.

Grendel: I've been slack about updating this blog, or commenting on Earthgoat, because when I have so many deadlines I feel guilty about Internet time. I've recovered from all my illnesses, just about, but the new semester's begun. This means campus is swarming with virus-carrying or bacteria-laden youth. Yesterday one of my students told me that on Tuesday alone, the Health Center diagnosed 90 sorority girls with the flu. Illness is decimating rush week! Carnival, too. (I'll post pictures from the first parade later today, deadlines and guilt notwithstanding.


Perhaps you should become the Kiwi in the Bubble - protect yourself from those student viruses.

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